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Multi-Services and Community Supports LLC (M-SACS) is a dynamic organization that puts people first. It is an organization where we provide services to individuals with Special Needs from birth-85 years old. We give everyone the attention and care that is needed to foster independence, integration, individualization and productivity within the community, while honoring each individual's cultural background and diversity.

We identify service gaps (a need that is not being met, why and where these gaps exist) and then actively strive by advocating to close the gaps.

All individuals have a right to choose who and where they receive their services. Multi-Services and Community Supports LLC (M-SACS) wants to be a name you can trust and include in your choice when looking for community services in the State of Georgia.

Multi-Services and Community Supports LLC (M-SACS) is a for-profit organization. We receive monetary and non-monetary contributions from individuals, business owners and organizations. We currently have Contracts with the State of Georgia's Department of Health in Fulton, Dekalb and Clayton counties.

You can rest assured that services are provided with the utmost kindness and respect. We are ordinary people with extraordinary determination to help others.

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Early Intervention Program

Offers coordinated services to children 0-3 who have delayed development and their families.

Comprehensive Case Management Program

Offers coordinated services to People with Special Needs from ages 3-85 who are diagnosis with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome or Developmental Disabilities.

In-Home Residential Habilitation Program & In-Home Respite Program

Offers Direct Care services to Individuals from 5-85 with Developmental Disabilities and their I.Q. score is below 70. Individuals must reside at home with their family.