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When it comes to getting services, you have a CHOICE.  Help is here for you and your family!!!


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Medicaid Support Coordination Schedule -2016

Self Advocacy/Self Determination

Circle of Support

Benefits and Entitlements

Individual Service Plan (ISP)

Introduction to Person Centered Planning

What Every Service Coordinator Needs to Know

Incident Reporting

Cultural Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity


Building an Active Board of Directors

Advisory Board and Committees

What's a Budget?

Not-for-Profit v. For-Profit

How do I get started having a Business

Early Intervention Service Coordination Schedule - 2016

Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations of being a Service Coordinator

PSP Model

Multi-Disciplinary Team and Evaluations

HIPPA and FERPA Rules and Regulations

Writing functional Outcomes and progress statements

Family Rights and Safeguards

Cultural Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity

Transition Process

How to Empower Families

Entitlement Benefits:  SSI, Katie Beckett,  Medicaid

How to obtain and provide Resources and Referrals

How to Review Charts and do Self-Audits

Documentation:  If it’s not in writing, it never happened

Data entry into BIBS: everything from A-Z

Communication:  Keeping the lines open

Role Playing, coaching, modeling